Sunday, September 10, 2017

Emergency Sub Plan Notes to Students

Being new to blogging, I underestimated how difficult it can be to make time for writing once the school year starts up again.  I like that #SundayFunday gives me a topic to focus on so that I continue to write at least weekly.  When I read last week's posts and saw the topic for this week - emergency sub plans - I thought, I need to read these - I'm not qualified to write about it!  I have a binder with attendance lists and emergency response procedures, but I have such a hard time figuring out what to leave for meaningful work.  I need HELP!!   But here I am Saturday night, wanting to participate anyways.

This is an idea that I've had, but have not yet implemented.  If you've ever done anything like it, I'd love your feedback!

This year, if orange juice doesn't save me from getting sick, I plan to leave notes for my guest teacher to hand to certain students as needed.  I have drafted the following notes and plan to seal them in envelopes highlighted with a different color for each situation.

Thank You
I will instruct the guest teacher to give this note to one or two particularly helpful students in each class.  It reads,
Our Guest Teacher gave you this note because you were so helpful today.  Thank you for being a good role model.  I'm happy to know that I can count on you when I'm out.  -Ms. Ess

Not Sitting in Assigned Seat
I will instruct the guest teacher to give this note to any students who refuse to sit in their assigned seat after being asked to move.  It reads,
Although I'm not here today, the rules still apply.  Please sit in your assigned seat.  I appreciate your cooperation.  -Ms. Ess

Refusal to Work/General Disruptive Behavior
I will instruct the guest teacher to give this note to any students who refuse to complete the classwork and/or continue to disrupt the class after being asked to behave.  It reads,
What's going on?  Remember that even though I am not here today, I expect you to act respectfully and responsibly.  Please work on today's assignment and if there's an issue you want to talk about, I will be happy to meet with you when I return.  -Ms. Ess

My hope is that these notes will encourage students to get back on track before their behavior escalates to the point of needing an office referral.

I'm still playing around with the phrasing of some of these notes, but once I have the message down, I plan to make a dozen or so copies of each to leave in my Emergency Sub Plan Binder.  I plan to include a chart at the bottom of my sub plans for the guest teacher to write the names of students who received each type of note.  In the past, if a student's name is left with a positive comment, I've always contacted the student's parents to share the message and my appreciation, and I would like to continue that as well.